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December 20, 2014

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4.2 Surplus Disposal - Used Furniture and Equipment

Approved By:
Original Approval Date:
April 1, 1995
Date of Most Recent Review/Revision:
September 2007 (editorial); November 2010 (editorial)
Office of Accountability:
Vice-President: Finance & Administration
Administrative Responsibility:
Physical Resources

I. Policy

It is the policy of the University to reduce operating costs by having furniture or equipment no longer used by a department declared surplus and submitted for use by other departments or for external disposal.

This policy applies to furniture and equipment purchased by Wilfrid Laurier University for any purpose from University funds, including research grants or other trust funds administered by the University and its ancillaries.

Physical Resources will be responsible for the administration of the custody and disposal of surplus inventory upon receipt of a request of the responsible departmental signing authority.

Information regarding disposal procedures can be found at the Physical Resources home page /pr.

II. Conflict of Interest

Surplus disposal is subject to all applicable conflict of interest policies, rules, and guidelines.