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December 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Certificate Program for TA's / Graduate Students

The Diversity & Equity Office is offering a program for TA’s/graduate students to build capacity in facilitating critical thinking and engagement with issues of diversity, equity, and social justice in the classroom. The program consists of three sessions and will feature the following key topics:

· The first workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of diversity and equity issues, the different isms (ex. racism, ableism, sexism), how they intersect with each other and play out in a university context.

· The second workshop will look at understanding resistance to equity issues and unpacking common problematic statements that derail conversations about equity and social justice.

· The third workshop will explore how to facilitate difficult conversations and disruptions in the moment when they occur and look at possible ways of handling these situations and/or turning them into teachable moments.

DATES:        Three sessions:

· Fri. March 7

· Fri. March 14

· Sat. March 22

TIME:           1:00 – 4:00 pm

Location:   Hawks Nest (Turret), Waterloo Campus

Registration (free):

(This program is generously supported by the Graduate Enhancement Fee)