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June 30, 2016

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Additions to the Family

Helpful Hints for a Successful Maternity and/or Parental Leave or Adoption Leave

Where do I begin?

  • Please review your respective collective agreement which will explain who is entitled to maternity, parental or adoption leave and whether you are entitled tosupplementary employmentbenefits.

At least one (1) month before

  • Please contactthe Benefits Specialist to request a maternity and/or parental leave or adoption leaveinformation package.
  • Once you receive theinformation package please review theinformation and fill outthe following forms:
    • Notification of Preganancy, Parental or Adoption Leave
    • Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave Continuation of Group Benefits
    • Cease Payroll Deductions for Parking Permit
    • Dependent Enrolment Form
  • You will be required to submit aRecord of Employment (ROE) when you apply for Employment Insurance (EI). Payroll willsend a ROE electronically to Human Resources andSocial Development Canada (HRSDC)within five (5) working days of your last day of work. You may apply for EI benefits online as soon as you stop working. Please click on the link below:

  • Please note that a pregnancy leave can commence up to seventeen (17) weeks prior to the child's birth date, however, EI will not be able tobe collected until eight (8) weeks prior.

The new addition to the family

Congratulations! As this is a very excited time for you and your family, please ensure you do not avoid the following tasks:

  • Notifythe Benefits Specialistof the actual birth date if thechild comes earlier than the expected maternity leave start date.
  • Complete the Dependent Enrolment form to add your child to your benefit plan.
  • If you are considering adding your child as a beneficiary for life insurance and pension, pleasesee the informationavailable here

Other Resources:

  • Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)offersnew mothers the chance to participate in apeer supportgroup regarding Postpartum Adjustment. For more information about the group or otherpeer support groups they offer please click on the links highlighted above.
  • Region of Waterloo offers information and seminarsregardinghealthy pregnancies. Click heretocheck out the useful information.
  • Kitchner-Waterloo YMCA OntarioEarly Years Centrewebsite is a great resourceand free to all community members.


  • Contact your Payroll Administrator should you encounter any problems with your Record of Employment, payments, the payment process or have related questions.
  • Contactthe Benefits Specialistif you encounter any difficulties with the forms or general questions regarding your leave.