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February 14, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Program Selection Form

This form is to be submitted for confirmation of online fall/winter/spring registration using LORIS. It is also required for the changing of programs (specialization or major) during the academic year at Laurier. The Program Selection Form must be used if there has been an absence in registration from Laurier during the winter term.

All current Year 1, 2 or 3 students are automatically confirmed for the Springterm and will be assigned time tickets for February 1st. Year 4 students or those returning students that have not attended Laurier during this past fall or winter term must also use this form.


1. BA/BEd students, please indicateeither P/J or J/I divisionin the comment box.

2. For graduating students planning to return to Laurier Brantford to complete additional courses, please indicate this in the comment box. If you are planning to complete another degree (upgrading to honours, an additional major), please email to arrange for approval.

3. If you are a Digital Media and Journalism student, please indicate your concentration in the "Honours Concentration or Steam" field. The concentrations are: Journalism, Digital and Social Media, and Public Relations.

ProgramSelection Form