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August 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Photo Galleries & Previous Groups


The SP200: Study Abroad

Wall of Fame 


The Seventh SP200 Experience: 2014 in Spain

 [Photo gallery coming soon] 


The Sixth SP200 Experience: 2013 in Spain

 [Click here for the 2013 photo gallery] 



The Fifth SP200 Experience: 2012 in Costa Rica & Panama

  [Click here for the 2012 photo gallery]



The Fourth SP200 Experience: 2011 in Spain

 [Click here for the 2011 photo gallery]



The Third SP200 Experience: 2010 in Costa Rica

 [Click here for the 2010 photo gallery]



The Second SP200 Experience: 2009 in Mexico

 [Click here for the 2009 photo gallery]



The First SP200 Experience: 2008 in Mexico

  [Click here for the 2008 photo gallery]