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November 26, 2014

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Kinesiology & Physical Education (KPE/BA & BSc) Transfer Process

How do I transfer into the KPE program? (1st or 2nd year only)

Transfer into the KPE program at Laurier is a competitive process, as space is limited. Admission is based on high school eligibility, applicability of courses taken previously in university, and grades achieved. For further information on this process, please see our:

Step-by-Step guide for students currently studying at another university

Please note: The process for transfer from a College of Applied Arts & Technology (CAAT) is the same as that for transfer from university; however, the required college GPA will be higher than that of university applicants, and KPE transfer credits are not normally granted.

Also, applicants who have studied at college, if admitted, will begin their studies in year 1.

Limited transfer credits may be awarded for electives.

Current Laurier Students - Information on requesting transfer is available on the Registrar's Office website