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November 25, 2015
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K. Behrendt


email: K. Behrendt
phone: 519 884-0710
ext: 2969


Curriculum Vitae



Department of Philosophy 
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3C5


2000        D.Phil., Philosophy, University of Oxford
1994        M.A., Philosophy, University of Ottawa
1992        Hons. B.A. summa cum laude, Philosophy, McMaster University


Subjects, Identity, and Objective Experience: The Neo-Kantian/Reductionist Debate
advisors: Derek Parfit, Paul Snowdon, Quassim Cassam
examiners: Galen Strawson, José Louis Bermúdez


2011-present   Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
2007-2011      Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
2004-2005      Junior Research Associate and Tutor, New College, University of Oxford 
2001-2004      Lecturer, New College, University of Oxford
2000-2001      Lecturer, St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford
2000               Tutor, Pembroke College, University of Oxford
1997               Tutor, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford


Personal Identity, Self-Knowledge and Self-Consciousness, Death, Memory, Narrative


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  • 'Learning to be Dead: Narrative and the Problem of Mortality,' in Immortality and the Philosophy of Death, Cholbi, ed. Rowman and Littlefield (forthcoming)
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  • ‘Reasons to Live Versus Reasons Not to Die,’ Think 28.10 (2011)
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  • 'Salvaging the Wreck: Rethinking Illness Narrative Advocacy' at: 5th Annual Medical Humanities Conference, Western Michigan University, USA 2015
  • ‘Narrative Aversion’ at: A Narrative Future for Healthcare, at King’s College London, UK 2013
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  • ‘Postamnesia and the Burden of Witness’ at: Memory, Mediation, Remediation, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 2011
  • ‘Strawson, Sebald, and the Role of Memory for the Non-Narrative Self’ at: New Developments in Narratology, Tartu University, Estonia 2010    
  • ‘Scraping Down the Past’ at: Canadian Philosophical Association Congress, Carleton University, Canada 2009
  • ‘A Special Way of Being Afraid’ at: Canadian Philosophical Association Congress, Carleton University, Canada 2009
  • ‘Scraping Down the Past: Personal Memory and Collective Forgetting in the Works of W.G. Sebald’ at: W.G. Sebald: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference, University of East Anglia, U.K. 2008
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  • ‘A Special Way of Being Afraid: Death, Emotions, Others’ at: Emotions, Others and the Self, Åbo Akademi University, Finland 2005  
  • ‘Quasi-Memory, Fission, and the Holism of the Mental’ at: European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Lund University, Sweden 2005  
  • ‘Quasi-memory: Problems and Prospects’ at: 7th Internat. Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology, Heidelberg University, Germany 2004
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  • ‘Respice Finem’ at: Wilfrid Laurier Philosophy Department Colloquium (work in progress presentation), Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 2012
  • ‘Regarding the End’ at: Narrative, Identity and the Kierkegaardian Self, University of Hertfordshire, U.K. 2011 
  • ‘The Mind Blanks at the Glare: Fearing Death As Such’ at: Invited Speakers Series, Philosophy Department, Trent University, Canada 2009
  • ‘Reasons to be Fearful: Strawson, Death and Narrative’ at: Invited Speakers Series, Philosophy Department, McMaster University, Canada 2008    
  • ‘The New Neo-Kantian/Reductionist Debate’ at: Invited Speakers Series, Philosophy Department, McMaster University, Canada 2000
  • Commentator, ‘Dennett on the Split Brain’ by Roland Puccetti at: Canadian Philosophical Association Congress, Carleton University, Canada 1993

Member of the International Association for the Philosophy of Death and Dying