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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
February 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence


The Human Rights and Human Diversity program is highly structured.

The reasons:

i) we have clear vision of what we think our graduates should know;

ii) HRHD still leaves you lots of flexibility to pursue other interests.

The required courses in HRHD reflect four important areas of study:
  • Human Diversity
    • Inside Canada and Other Countries (HR261)
    • Internationally (HR402)
  • Human Rights
    • Civil and Political Rights (HR260)
    • Social and Economic Rights (HR329) &/or Emerging/Solidarity Rights (HR331)
    • Special Instruments: Children's Rights (HR320) &/or Crimes Against Humanity (HR325)
  • Institutions and Implementation
    • In Canada (HR323)
    • Internationally (HR328)
  • Philosophical Foundations and Issues
    • Western Perspectives (HR401)
    • Cross-Cultural Perspectives (HR402)
These required courses reflect the common core of knowledge that we want all ourgraduates to have studied. Outside of this core, the program program provides you with flexibility to pursue your other interests.

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