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June 30, 2016
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Further Study

Many professional programs (e.g., Law, Social Work, Business, Public Administration) do not require any specific program of undergraduate education. Others are generally more insistent that students have an undergraduate degree in their own or a closely related discipline (e.g., History, English, Psychology, Sociology). Of course, this won't be a problem for you because you must combine your HRHD Honours program with one of the other Honours programs we offer at Laurier Brantford.

WLU's Career Development Centre has some good tools for researching grad programs at this link.

Listed below are some programs that appear to fit particularly well with the aims of HRHD

1) University Programs: MA & PhD

Applied Politics (MAP) Wilfrid Laurier University

Conflict Analysis and Management (MA) Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC)

Conflict Studies and Human Rights (MA) Utrecht

Diversity Management and Governance (PhD) (English-taught) Graz (Austria)

Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs (MA) American University, Washington D.C.

European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (Various partner universities)

Gender and Diversity (PhD) New Stream in Political Science PHD Program, Carleton University

Global Affairs (MA) Munk School of Global Governance, University of Toronto

Global Affairs with a Concentration in Human Rights (M.S.) Rutgers

Global Governance (MA & PhD) Wilfrid Laurier University--University of Waterloo

Human Rights (LLM) University of Aberdeen

Human Rights (MA) University College London

Human Rights and Conflict Management (MA) Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy). English is the language of instruction.

Human Rights and Criminal Justice (LLM) University of Aberdeen

Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (MA) Essex (UK)

Human Rights and International Politics (MSc) University of Glasgow

Human Rights and International Relations (MA) Roehampton

Human Rights Studies (MA) Columbia University

Human Rights and Social Justice (MA) London Metropolitan University

Human Rights Under Pressure (PhD) Free University of Berlin and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (offered in New York City)

Human Security and Peacebuilding (MA) Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC)

Immigration and Settlement Studies (MA) Ryerson

Industrial Relations and Human Resources (MIRHR & PhD) University of Toronto. This site includes a list of 'recommended' courses to take in prepration for this interdisciplinary Masters degree. There are, however, no specific requirements beyond a four-year honours degree.

International Affairs (MA) Columbia University

International Crime and Justice (MA) New York University

International Crimes and Criminology (MSc) University of Amsterdam (in English; need social science BA, not just Criminology)

International Development Humber College

International Peace and Conflict Resolution (MA) American University, Washington D.C.

International Public Policy (MA) Wilfrid Laurier University

Irish Centre for Human Rights (MA & PhD) Galway. Offers MAs and PhD programs related to human rights.

Local Economic Development (MA) University of Waterloo

Peace and Conflict Studies (MA) University of Waterloo

Public Service (MPS) University of Waterloo

Policy Studies (PhD) Ryerson. Includes a stream in Immigration Settlement and Diaspora Policies.

Social Justice and Equity Studies (MA) Brock University

Socio-Legal Studies (MA & PhD) York University (Toronto)

Understanding and Securing Human Rights (MA) University of London (This program has a competitive scholarship called the Routledge Studentship. It is open to students from Commonwealth countries and it is worth about £18,000.

2) University Programs: Professional Programs

Law Schools in Canada

Master of Business Administration Programs in Canada

Public Administration Programs in Canada

Social Work Programs in Canada

International Development Programs in Canada

3) College Graduate Certificate Programs

(Typically 2-3 semesters for people who have completed a degree. Note: Not all programs associated with these links are graduate certificate programs. Read carefully.)

Event Management

Fundraising and Development

Government Relations  (Seneca)

International Development


Project Management

Public Relations and Human Resources Management

4) Training & Creditentials

Humanitarian Training Initiative -- Host the Canadian Disaster and Humanitarian Response Training Program

Scholarship for Canadian Students Pursuing Graduate Studies in the United Kingdom

Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund

If you experience any problems with the above links, please send an email to the contact in the left-hand column.