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April 16, 2014
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Preparing for CAREERS in Human Rights

Thinking that you'd like to do something with HUMAN RIGHTS & HUMAN DIVERSITY, but not sure how it might lead to a career?

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Here are some suggestions for programs and options you might combine with HRHD to tailor your education to your aspirations.

Thinking About a Legal Career?

Consider combining HRHD with an Honours degree in Law and Society or Criminology or History or English.

Thinking About Working in a Human Rights-Focused Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)?

Consider combining HRHD with an Honours degree in Leadership. NGOs need people with strong administrative skills who know how to work in teams. You might also consider the Public Relations Option--in this media savvy world, NGOs (and government and business too), can use people who have the skills to navigate it.

Thinking About a Career in Human Resources Management?

Consider taking Human Rights & Human Diversity with Human Resources Management.

Thinking You Might Want to Work in Fields Like Policing or Border Control?

Consider combining HRHD with an Honours degree in Criminology or Law and Society.

Thinking More About Working the Developing World?

You might consider adding the International Development Option to your Honours degree in HRHD. (Note: You'd probably require postgraduate study in International Development to complete your preparation.)

Think Graduate School (MA?, PhD?) Might Be in Your Future?

Consider combining HRHD with another Honours degree in a more traditional discipline like English, History, Psychology, or Criminology. While there are Masters programs directly related Human Rights, this will give you more options to pursue research with a human rights focus.

Want to Raise Awareness About Human Rights and Human Diversity Issues? Think More Work Needs to Done On Creating a Human Rights Culture?

Consider combining HRHD with an Honours degree in Journalism or with the Public Relations or the Youth & Children's Studies Program or the Children's Education and Development Option.

Think HRHD Is Interesting, But You Want to Keep Your Options Open?

Consider adding the Management Option to your Honours degree in HRHD. It never hurts to have a basic grounding in business concepts like finance, accounting, and marketing, whether you end up in business, government, or a nongovernmental organization

Hoping to Work in a Helping Profession Right Here in Canada That's Likely to Raise Issues of Human Rights and Human Diversity?

Consider combining Honours HRHD with Health Studies. You might also a career in Social Work--just do your research and make sure you're taking all the prerequisites you need to gain admission to a Masters of Social Work program.