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August 20, 2014
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How does vibration influence freezing in Parkinson's disease?

Are cognitive processes mediated by the frontal lobes affected by Parkinson's Disease?

Does vibration influence freezing of gait?

Understanding the role of anxiety on movement in Parkinson's disease

Is freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease associated with changes in gaze behaviour?

More severity of Parkinson's symptoms on the right side of body vs left side, present more gait impairments
Where do individuals with freezing of gait look while approaching a doorway?

Does Anxiety Cause Freezing of Gait?


 Individuals with freezing of gait experience more difficulty walking through a continuously narrow than a narrowing corridor

PD SAFEx improved mood in Parkinson's disease

Determining which side is more affected by PD

PD patients who freeze have more difficulties judging the height of obstacles?

Aspects of walking are related to fitness levels in PD


Individuals who freeze walk more cautiously through narrow spaces

Paying attention and imagining movement improves symptoms of PD

Individuals with freezing of gait may misperceive the width of narrow spaces


Do insoles help walking and balance in PD?

Does clutter cause freezing?

 Being conscious of self-movement improves gait in PD

 Is rhythm control affected by medication or touch?

 Differences in speech between PSP and Parkinson's

 Differences PD SAFEx improves motor symptoms

 How are limb apraxia and freezing of gait related?

 Gait & balance instability increases when stepping over an obstacle

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