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February 10, 2016
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Proxy (Resource) Accounts - Feb. 2014


“February's Handy Hint of the Month”

Did you know....

If you find that you and your co-workers are consistently needing to share email messages, and you’d like to ensure that new messages can be seen by both of you, or responded to by either of you, and you’d like to keep things generic, consider requesting a Proxy (Resource) Account.  You choose what you want the email address to be called (eg. Helpdesk). It’s easy to access, share and maintain.

There are many benefits to a Proxy (Resource) Account:

·          The account will have its’ own mailbox and you can send and receive email from this address.

·          You can change ownership of the address while keeping the history of messages in one mailbox (ownership changes need to be submitted to the Employee Service Desk).

·          You can assign rights so anyone you choose can also see these messages.

·          The mailbox will have a calendar (Great for keeping track of department vacations and absences, or meeting room bookings etc.).

·          The mailbox can have “To Do” Items.

·          It allows you to have a generic email address to use for advertising, communications via the web, on printed materials, and through email communications.

If this sounds like something that would work for you please submit the form located here: to have one created.

Brought to you by the Employee Service Desk.  X4357