Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Information and Communication Technologies
February 7, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Phone: 519-884-1970 ext. 0

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30pm

The Switchboard handles all incoming calls to the University main number (519)884-1970 and any overflow from the University autoattendant number (519)884-0710. When the Switchboard is closed, all calls are handled by the autoattendant.

To provide optimum service to the University community and to provide effective service to external callers, the University community should provide Switchboard with information about special events as well as a contact number. Business units with special call handling requirements for their area should provide this information in writing/email to the Senior Switchboard Operator.

All telephone, voicemail, or telephone system problems should be reported to the Information Technology Services Help Desk at x4357 (HELP).

Switchboard is located in the Arts building and is not open to the public.

Escalation Process

* Angie Kobbert, Senior Switchboard Operator,, x0
* Bob Ellsworth, Manager, Network and Telecommunications,, x3120