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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
September 20, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Honours Arts

Academic Advising welcomes you to Laurier Brantford!  Your admission to Honours Arts allows you to explore our different programs and take courses you find interesting, but may not have been exposed to in High School.  If there is a program at Laurier Brantford you already have in mind, this is your chance to see if it really is for you.  It is common for students to change their Major after first year, and first year in Arts programs are deliberately flexible so take advantage and make sure you are investing your time and energy in the right program for you.

We have a variety of Programs at Laurier Brantford, so please have a look.  If  you see programs that are appealing, check the Registration and Information guide you received in the mail (or available online) and enrol in the first year required courses starting on page 12 of the guide for the program(s) in which you are interested.

We also have many electives in all kinds of subjects from Anthropology to Youth and Children's Studies.  Please check this Timetable.  Be sure to choose classes that are interesting to you, and create a schedule that is balanced throughout the days of the week, so as not to pile classes on two days.

Admission to some of the programs you will select at the end of this first year have High School requirements which may also need to be met, depending on your academic performance in High School.  If you are interested in programs in BTM, English, the BASc Health Studies, Journalism, Psychology, Social Work, or Concurrent Education you may need to upgrade your High School coursework or take a university course in the same discipline to be admissible.  Please contact Advising for assistance if interested in these programs.

First year students at Laurier Brantford are required to enrol in BF190 in the Fall term, and BF290 in the Winter term.  A 100% course load is five 0.5 credit courses per semester (Fall and Winter).  Please remember it is more important to do well, than to be quick.  Many students take a reduced course load to maximize their success.  If you choose to start with five courses each semester and find the workload too heavy, come in for an appointment with an advisor to discuss your courses and be aware of the drop deadline in each semester.  Remember, the very last day to drop a course in the Fall is November 5th and the very last day to drop a Winter course is March 6th.  Please note the number of courses you take can my affect OSAP, RESP or other funding.  Please contact Service Laurier to understand how your funding would be impacted by a reduced course load.

Take advantage of the student services available on campus!  Learning Services, Careers, Health Services, and Accessible Learning are all here to help you choose the right program, and be successful in your studies.