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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
October 23, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Program Requirements 10/11

New for 2010/2011

The following program is beginning at Laurier Brantford in September 2010. Current students looking to transfer into this program can apply to do so during program confirmation (February - April).

Psychology: Comprehensive (Honours BA) - first expected graduation date: June, 2014
Youth & Children Studies (Honours BA & Honours BA Comb.) - first expected graduation date: June, 2014
Diploma in Criminology
Certificate in Criminology


Honours/General  Minor/Option General Major* (for students admitted prior to Sept 2007)
Contemporary Studies Honours

Honours Combination
General CT (06/07)

General CT*

Concurrent Education (Major: Contemporary Studies) Honours
General BA (06/07)
Criminology Honours


Honours Combination

Diploma Certificate

 Health Administration Honours

Health Studies Honours Minor

Honours Combination

 Human Rights/Human Diversity Honours

Honours Combination

Journalism Honours

Honours Combination

 Law and Society Honours Minor

Honours Combination

Leadership  Honours Minor 

Honours Combination


Children's Education &  Development
 Communication Studies

General BA (06/07)
English Honours Combination minor  General BA (06/07)
 Environment and Society
 General BA without  Designation (part-time) General BA without Designation*

minor  General BA (06/07)
History Honours Combination minor  General BA (06/07)
 Indigenous Studies
Option  Minor

International Development


 Media Studies
Minor  General BA (06/07)
 Public Relations
 Psychology Honours Combination BA Minor  General BA (06/07)

Honours BA

Youth & Children's Studies
Honours BA

Honours Combination BA

 Religion & Culture
Minor General BA (06/07)

Students who were admitted prior to September, 2008 may also complete minors in Anthropology, Global Studies and Women Studies. Please click here for requirements.