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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
June 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics Club

Do you:

  • Stay up late in order to finish a proof or learn a new integration technique?
  • Get excited talking about a piece of new code for the application you are developing?
  • Catch yourself speaking in Java, C or Phython occasionally?
  • Enjoy a good intellectual conversation in subject of quantum physics and relativity?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then perhaps this is the club for you.

WLU PHI Club is the club for all who are enthusiastic about computer science, physics and mathematics at Wilfrid Laurier University. We are a club of future scholars and scientists and aim to serve our community by sharing knowledge and resources in these subjects. Beyond the scholastic benefits, we aim to increase the exposure of experts in these fields to those interested.

At PHI, we believe that the exchange of scientific knowledge should be based on an open and free platform. We operate on a non-profit basis to promote the importance of scientific awareness and developments to public through a series of non-profit and informative activities and events. The intellectual development of our members and the scientific interests of our community are held with the utmost significance to us.


  • Building and maintaining a fun and supportive environments for all who are studying or interested in computer science, physics and mathematics.
  • Providing support in the academic developments to all in subjects concerning computer science, physics and mathematics for the public.
  • Raising public awareness and interests to the research, development and intellectual exchange in computer science, physics and mathematics.


  • Over 100 past exams, study notes and other helpful resources collected, sorted and archived in the subjects of computer science, physics and math.
  • Experienced IA’s for computer science, physics and math courses providing you with tutoring services geared towards your specific needs.
  • Workshops organized and hosted to help you learn practical programming languages, solve interesting problems with extra skills that goes beyond your courses.


  • PHI will be organizing the annual year-end Inter-Science formal with other science clubs, come out and have a ball with your fellow science students and their friends!
  • Scientists and enthusiasts will share a piece of their world with you by giving fun, informative presentations and talks about the subjects of their research in the exclusive Sci-Talk series PHI is hosting. The bi-weekly talks will enrich your experience as a science students and give you an opportunity to learn a lot more about science than the books.
  • PHI is actively involved with ACM Programming Competition and will be meeting to tackle some hard problems in programming and share a good time in the competitions!
  • PHI is initiating a GameDev project for all the coding geeks, newbies and veterans alike, to come out and work on an exciting game from scratch. Our philosophy is “If you build it, they will play”.

Check us out at to see what more we have to offer to you!