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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
February 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence

CP104 Introduction to Programming -- Challenge for Credit

Introduction to Programming is "an introductory course designed to familiarize the student with modern software development techniques. Emphasis is on problem-solving and structured program design methodologies. Programming projects are implemented in a widely used high-level language."

Students who may have, through past experience, gained knowledge in software design and modern programming techniques may challenge for a credit in CP104. With a grade of B or higher on an examination at the beginning of the fall term, a student will receive that grade and credit for CP104 without further course work. Students must be registered in CP104 in order to take the challenge for credit exam and the course registration fee applies. For further information including a sample exam, consult the CP104 challenge for credit website.

Students who are successful in challenging for credit may take an additional course but are not required to do so.