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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
March 6, 2015

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Common Requirements

A minor is a secondary concentration of courses in a subject other than a major or Honours subject. The minimum requirements for the minor consist of at least three credits, no fewer than two of which shall be senior credits and no fewer than two shall be obtained at Laurier. A minimum GPA of 4.5 is required on all courses of the minor subject.

Special Requirements

Computer Science:

CP104; CP114; CP213; another 1.5 senior credits in Computer Science.
[Changed September 1 2007]


PC 131, PC132 (or PC141, PC142 ); PC212 (or PC 210); PC242 (or PC 211); 1.0 additional senior credit in Physics.

Students are advised that the listed physics courses have mathematics prerequisites and co-requisites; specifically MA110* or MA103 or MA105, MA122, MA205. Depending on the senior credits chosen, there may be additional mathematics requirements.

[Changed September 1 2009 to allow PC141/PC142 if the required calculus has been taken (without requiring permission of the department).]