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April 20, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Ambassador Profile - Nivinder

My Laurier Brantford Experience

Hey Everyone!
My name is Nirvinder, Iím a fourth year student in Contemporary Studies with the Childrenís Educational Development option here at Laurier Brantford. Having and a minor in criminology, I have combined two of my passions, in hopes to pursue a career in social work. The last 4 years at Laurier Brantford have not only taught me valuable lessons but have left me with countless memories that I will cherish for life.

I believe that getting involved strongly impacts your experience here at Laurier Brantford. In my first year while I was living on campus I was involved with Recruitment and Promotions in the Students Union. It not only helped me understand the campus but it also helped me meet some of the most amazing people. Realizing that getting involved was something I enjoyed, I took this passion straight into second year where I joined Laurier Brantford U-Desk.

The transition from high school to university was a little nerve-racking, especially moving away from home, but with the help of so many it did not take long before Brantford starting to become my home. Being a 4th year Laurier Brantford student I've seen how much Laurier Brantford has grown not only in population but academically as well. This campus has so much to offer so I can't wait to see you here and experience what I have in my last 4 years!