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April 19, 2014
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Ambassador Profile - Tyler

My Laurier Brantford Experience

Hello everyone! My Name is Tyler VanHerzele and I am entering my 3rd year of the Concurrent Education Program Junior/ Intermediate Division here on the Brantford Campus! In the past two years I have accumulated enough memories to last a lifetime and I could not be more excited that I am only just half way there this year! I have been fortunate enough to become very involved here on campus both during the school year and during the summers with many different groups at Laurier Brantford. Here is my Laurier Brantford Experience thus far.

In my first year I held the Director of Activities position for the Brantford Residence Council (BRC). In second year I became a LEAP Skillbuilder in the summer and obtained an Icebreaker position for Orientation Week. In September 2012 I joined Foot Patrol as a general volunteer and became a member of the Student Life Offices MyRespect council. Lastly I became an Executive on Hawk Team, our daytime activities council running out of the Students Union. This year coming I have a number of things lined up that I simply cannot wait for. This summer I will be returning to the role of LEAP Skillbuilder for my second year. I have acquired a position with Headstart as a Headstart Leader, and I currently work for Accessible Learning as an office assistant for the summer months. In September I will be the Orientation Week Executive of Daytime Activities, I will be taking the role of a Student Ambassador as well as a Foot Patrol General Volunteer. Lastly I have obtained a Coordinator Position within the Students Union as Hawk Team Coordinator.

Res Life: In first year one of the best experiences a student can have is getting involved with something. There is so much constantly going on at Laurier Brantford that there is a fit for everyone. My suggestion is the Brantford Residence Council. This council introduced me to the wonderful world of volunteering here at Laurier. It gave me the opportunity to meet new people and plan amazing events while spending my time in Residence. BRCís accomplice of sorts would be RAC, the Residence Athletics Council. This council promotes activity and healthy living to students in residence. Also something I would suggest if that is the sort of thing you are interested in.

Student Life: The Student Life Offices have been one of my homes away from home here at school. I have been a skillbuilder for our annual LEAP conference which allows incoming first year students to come stay in residence before the school year starts and bond with incoming first years as well as learn valuable information and skills for the school year. I was a member of the MyRespect Council which promotes diversity and inclusion here on campus. We planned diversity awareness campaigns and offered students a safe place to express themselves in whatever way felt best to them! The Student life office is a safe place for students to come any time and feel welcome.

The Students Union: Last year I jumped into the Students Union by joining Foot patrol. This is our safe walk service that allows students to volunteer to walk other students home in pairs whenever they need it. It really builds team spirit and is an extremely rewarding experience all around! I also was on Hawk Team last year as an Executive and this year I will be the Hawk Team Coordinator. Hawk team will put on events during the day on campus that range from things like a Laurier wide Bucket List, to taking Hawkward photos, to participating in our annual Survivor weekend! The Students Union is a great place for people to get involved here on campus at all levels.

There are so many different ways for students to get involved here on campus and I challenge all first year student to get involved with at least one thing in your first year. No matter what you choose I know it will be a rewarding experience that you will enjoy every second of the way! I look forward to seeing you around campus!!