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October 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Health Administration

Health Administration at the Brantford Campus

The health care and social service industry in Canada is the second largest employment sector, with over 1.6 million employees. Health care budgets are growing, the population is aging, and physicians and other health care professionals are in short supply. Rising demands for health care, costlier and more diverse treatments, and an increased awareness of the ways in which infectious disease outbreaks (such as the H1N1 virus) can disrupt service delivery and the economy, suggest that it takes more than a medical background to manage these issues. 

Laurier's Health Administration program offers a blend of health studies, leadership, business and contemporary studies courses, designed to give students a broad understanding of the diverse factors affecting the development and delivery of health care, both domestically and internationally. With a complex set of relationships between personnel, organizations and government, health professionals require a diverse set of skills and a broad knowledge base in order to effectively work within the contemporary health-care system.

Program highlights 

  • The Health Studies Society (HSS) is a campus club geared towards raising awareness for health related issues, on both a local and global scale. Each year a local and global health issue will be selected as the focus and HSS members collaborate to organize the year’s awareness goals. 

Courses offered

Popular courses

  • Principles of Epidemiology
  • Human Aspects of Organizations,
  • Infectious Disease,
  • Management Skills,
  • Canadian Health Care System
  • Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

Admission requirements 

High School Admission Requirements College Grad Admission Requirements 

4U English at 60%

Average in top 6 4U or M courses of low - mid 70's

4U English or college equivalent at 60%

Overall average upon graduation 

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Graduates of the program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to assume integral roles in the growing and increasingly complex health-care sector in Canada. With an Honours BA in Health Administration, graduates are prepared to manage the business activities of a variety of organizations that make up the healthcare system. Places like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, insurance companies and public health agencies all need individuals with the knowledge and skills this program will provide.

Faculty experience 

Dr. James LeClair remembers the moment he developed an interest in health and health care: “I was looking at a map of infant mortality rates for Detroit, Michigan, and I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing,” he says. “There was such an incredible range of rates; in most cases low, like I would have expected. But in some parts of the city, babies were dying at the same rate as they would in a poor country in South America. I wondered: how is it possible that this could be happening in the richest country in the world? What social and environmental factors could account for this pattern?” 

Known for his enthusiastic classroom presence, Jamie (as his students call him) delights in challenging some of the assumptions that students bring into the classroom about why some people are healthy and others aren’t. “My most satisfying moments as a teacher happen when students come to me and say, ‘I’ll never see the world the same way again.’ That’s when you know that you’ve really had an impact.”