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September 1, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Zhenhua Sun "Joshua"

Zhenhua Sun “Joshua”J.png

3rd Year Economics Accounting

From Shanghai, China

Hello everyone! My name is Joshua Zhenhua Sun. I am a 3rd year Economics student from Shanghai, China. Accepting the offer to Laurier was one of the wisest decisions I made in my life. I am so glad to know so many friends from Canada and all over the world, and to enjoy the fascinating culture rooted on this friendly soil.

Laurier is an excellent institution dedicated towards developing well-rounded students. I have been very satisfied with the education quality at Laurier. Every student is welcome to discuss with his or her instructors, who are more than willing to be helpful in each student’s personal development. In the spring of 2013, I worked on campus as a research assistant for a professor. I am so grateful to Laurier as I have able to achieve a lot of my dreams!

In Laurier there are so many clubs and organizations in which you can get involved and cultivate teamwork and leadership skills. Weekly concerts, varsity games, Paddy rally and a lot of other activities are nice choices for you to get involved in. In addition to being an International Ambassador, I also work for AIESEC Laurier helping my fellow Laurier students in going to other countries to work. In my leisure time, I am keen on playing soccer with my friends, or working out at the campus gym. Hopefully you and I will meet one day in Laurier, and I will be more than willing to share my Laurier pride with you!

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions!



专业: 经济学




在劳里埃,有为数众多的俱乐部和组织可供参与,同时培养起团队合作和领导能力。每周音乐会、校队比赛、圣帕特里克节等其他活动都是你获得放松的好选择。除了担任国际学生大使,我还为AIESEC Laurier工作,帮助我的劳里埃校友获得出国交换的机会。在平时,我喜欢和伙伴们一起踢足球,或是去学校健身房挥洒汗水。希望有一天我可以在学校看到你,我很乐意与你分享劳里埃带给我的荣誉感!