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September 15, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Qian Fang "Sherlock"

Sherlock Fang


4th year Economics & Financial Management



Hello! I am Sherlock Fang. I came to Laurier from China about two years ago. Now I am an honorable Laurier International Student Ambassador. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you and help you with the transition from high school to University and from your country to Canada. After spending two years at Laurier, I have experienced so much and made so many wonderful friends. I would take this opportunity to present Laurier to you. If you have any questions, concerns or merely just want to make a new friend, I am here for you and I will show you what is like to be at Laurier.



Blessed by our Golden Hawk, there are so many opportunities awaiting your exploration. I entered Laurier’s annual stock competition and came in 16th place. I served at Laurier Foot Patrol and walked so many students to their home safely. I go to gym all the time and play basketball. Most importantly, studying at Laurier can only be described as “awesome”, as you will always get help from professors, TA or so many talented peers. But enough about me, I want to know what your story is and I hope I will help you justify your choice of Laurier. I hope to see you next year as your friend!







你好!我的叫方骞. 两年前,我从中国来到了劳瑞尔学习.现在我光荣的成为了劳瑞尔国际学生大使. 我迫不及待的想和你分享我在劳瑞尔的经验和故事,也希望能帮助你做好从高中到大学的准备和从中国到加拿大的过渡.在劳瑞尔度过的两年时光里,我经历的多姿的生活,也交到了许多到好朋友.我希望能有机会把我的劳瑞尔介绍给你.同时,你要是有任何问题,或者就是想和我交一个朋友的话,请不要迟疑的联系我.


承载着我们吉祥物金色老鹰的精神,这里是片机会之地,等着你来开拓.在大一的时候,我在劳瑞尔每年的股票竞赛中得到第16名的成绩.我也在劳瑞尔学生护送队中工作,在晚上安全护送同学们回家.我是健身馆的常客也经常打篮球.但最重要的是能在劳瑞尔学习是一个非常美好的经历. 教授,助教,你有才的同学们都是你能寻求帮助地方. 这些查多不多就是我,我更想知道你的故事,也让你知道选择劳瑞尔是你的最佳选择.希望明年此时,我们会成为朋友!