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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
August 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Ye Zhu "Arthur"

Hello there,Arthur.png

My name is Arthur. I am a 4th year BBA student coming from China. I love sports and traveling. It has been a blessing to me during my 3 years studying and working in Laurier. I came to Canada alone but now I have so many friends. I came to Laurier without knowing anything about business but now I am making money on the stocks that I have bought. Laurier was once a strange place to me but now I treat it as my second home. It will be very hard for me to say goodbye.

Having been through the application process has taught me that applying to a university can be tough. You can be helpless sometimes. However, I will use all my knowledge to help you to have a better experience while you apply to Laurier. Please donít hesitate to ask me whenever you have any questions. I am willing to help you out!

Take care,