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July 6, 2015

Canadian Excellence

light scattering probe and Xe lamp


The Chemistry department is well-equipped with a common analytical facility . In addition, my lab has a modular fiber optic spectrometer that can be used for fluorescence, light-scattering as well as uv/vis absorbance (1, 10, 100 cm path). The light source, detector and some of the optical fibers were purchased with an NSERC equipment grant. The probes with the spectrometer can be used as directly in aqueous samples and data aquisition and titrant addition is all computer controlled with an automatic titrator. In addition to optrodes I have a wide selection of ion-selective electrodes including chloride, iodide, bromide, copper and lead.

Inorganic anion analysis can be performed using ion-selective electrodes or colorimetric techniques. For reduced sulfur or phosphate visible absorbance is used and the 100 cm internal reflection light-path increases the detection limit 100X over convential spectrometers. Inorganic cations can be analysed using the atomic adsorption spectrometer which is shared between the Chemistry and Geography departments at Laurier.