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June 29, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Methylene Blue adsorption is being developed as a surface area determination technique. The figure shows a mixture of iron oxide particles and methylene blue (green colour) being filtered. The filtrate is methylene blue only (blue colour).

Phosphate removal

This on-going research project (since 2004) is funded by EnviroSim Associates Ltd and by NSERC.  The objective is to optimize phosphate removal during sewage treatment.  To optimize phosphate removal it is first necessary to understand the mechanism of phosphate removal.  This involves the application of geochemical experimental and modelling techniques to understanding phosphate interactions with colloids.

Some results of the project so far have been published.

I. Tak´acs, S. Murthy, S. Smith, and M. McGrath, “Chemical phosphorous removal to extremely low levels: experience of two plants in the Washington, DC area,” Water Science  & Technology, vol. 53, pp. 21–28, 2006

I. Takács, S. Murthy, S. Smith, and M. McGrath, ``Chemical phosphorus removal to extremely low levels - experience of two plants in the Washington, D.C. area,'' in IWA Specialized Conference Nutrient Management in Wastewater Treatment Process and Recycle Streams, pp. 43-50, 2005.