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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
July 7, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Sarah DePalma (graduated 2009)

MSc Biology Student

B.Sc. Laurier

I graduated from WilfridLaurierUniversity with an Honours BSc in Chemistry and Biology June 2007 and from Waterloo Biology with an MSc in spring 2009. My undergraduate thesis project focused on the study of adsorption and desorption behaviour of organoarsenicals on iron oxide nanoparticles representing inorganic soil components. My interest in environmental issues and the opportunity to apply my academic training towards improving the environment has lead me to furthering my education through WilfridLaurierUniversity and University of Waterloo. Under the supervision of Dr. S. Smith, Dr. J. McGeer, and Dr. G. Dixon (UW), my MSc focused on the toxicity of copper in marine and estuarian systems on Mytilus galloprovincialis and working towards adapting the Biotic Ligand Model for saltwater systems. This work was funded in part by the Copper Development Association.

Sarah is currently working as a Research Technologist at National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada, Burlington, ON.