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December 18, 2014

Canadian Excellence

Trigonometry Refresher

Workshop Description

This workshop provides a refresher on the fundamentals of right angled trigonometry. Topics covered will include:

  • degree and radian measure, and how to convert from one to the other
  • determining sine, cosine and tangent ratios of special angles, without using your calculator!
  • representing angles on the unit circle, and using the coordinate system to find trigonometric ratios
  • determining the angle of interest, given one or more trig ratios

Designed For:† In particular, this is a new workshop created for students in MA121 & MA122†to help with the material on polar representation of a complex number.† Calculus students from MA100, MA101†and MA110 may also be interested.† And as always, any WLU registered student is welcome to attend.

Dates/Times Offered (Fall Term 2012):† TBA


Workshop Materials:†† The Unit Circle