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October 24, 2014
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MAC Pre-Statistics Modules (SY382-A)


The Pre-Statistics Modules for SY382-A have been created to provide students with the opportunity to review, and demonstrate mastery of, fundamental math skills required to be successful in a statistics course.

Students progress through a Module's series of on-line Assignments as independent self-study (using the MapleTA software).                                         

Up to four bonus marks can be earned for course credit by successfully completing the supplementary modules, two per module.  "Successful completion" of a module means that a minimum of 80% is obtained on the Module's Test. Only two marks may be earned per module, and there are no "part marks". 

Before a Module's Test for Credit may be attempted, the student must have successfully completed (obtained a minimum score of 80%) on all of the Module's Assignments.  The student will start at the Module's Assignment 1.  Complete the assignment any number of times needed until at least an 80% score is obtained, and then progress to Assignment 2.  Continue in this manner until all assignments have been completed to the 80% mastery level.  The student is then eligible to attempt the Module's Test for Credit. 

A Test for Credit is timed and must be completed in one sitting, but may be attempted any number of times (though having achieved 80% or better on the prerequisite work should result in being able to pass the Test on the first or second try).  In order to obtain a module's associated bonus marks, a passing score on the Test must be attained by a certain date, as outlined below:   

Module Deadline, to obtain Bonus Mark:
 Module A:  Working with Numbers           TBA 
 Module B:  Working with Algebra  TBA

Please note that the modules are independent of one another. You do not have to have completed Module A before attempting Module B.

Extra Help:  Students having difficulty completing any of the module work are welcome to make use of the MAC's Drop-in Help Centre to obtain assistance clarifying concepts.

MapleTA site - click here to go to the MapleTA login screen (use your Novell/Webmail username & password to log in to the software)

** Please check the Browser Configuration requirements to use MapleTA - in particular, your computer must have a recent version of Java installed. For the latest version, available as a free download, click Java.

The Pre-Statistics Module Program for SY382 is coordinated by the Mathematics Assistance Centre. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the module program, please contact Tina Balfour (Email: Extension: 2077).