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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
June 30, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Directed Homework Session Facilitators

MAC Manager:† Tina Balfour
††††† Email: ††††† Phone: 884-0710 Ext.2077
††††† Office: Bricker Academic Building, Room BA432

MAC Directed Homework Session Facilitators

Each academic term, the MAC conducts directed homework sessions for†several math courses; which courses each term, depends on scheduling and budget:

†††††MA100†† Introductory Calculus for the Natural Sciences
††† †MA101†† Calculus I for the Natural Sciences
†††††MA110* Introduction to Differential and Integral Calculus†
†††††MA121†† Introduction to Mathematical Proofs†
†††††MA122†† Introduction to Linear Algebra†
†††† MA241†††Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences

These 1.5-hour weekly†sessions will be a modified form of Supplemental Instruction (SI), with which some students may be familiar.† Each session will aim to incorporate†effective learning strategies while reviewing and reinforcing course content.†

Homework Session Facilitators may be expected to attend the course lectures and will conduct one†homework session each week.†

Time commitment is approximately four to six hours per week, and training is provided during the†beginning of the term.† Rate of pay starts at $19.50 per hour.

Candidates must have earned a minimum grade of A- (i.e. 10 on the 12-point grade system) in the course for which they are†applying, have excellent communication and organizational skills, and model good learning strategies.† Only students with an overall GPA of 7.0 or higher will be considered.

Third and fourth year students are preferred, but applications from students in the second year of their program will also be considered.† Only registered WLU undergraduates may apply.

If you are interested†in applying for one of these positions, please complete the on-line form linked below, or drop by BA432 for more information.

MAC Employment Application: Facilitators (Fall 2016, Sept - Dec?)