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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
April 24, 2014
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Technology at Your Fingertips

Laurier's B.Ed. Program  is a technology-intensive program. Each candidate is required to lease a laptop on which Ministry-licensed software in addition to open-source and University software has been loaded.* TECs become familiar with the types of computer programs and applications currently in use in the schools, and develop a set of technology skills. Candidates also have the opportunity to learn how to use Smart boards, digital cameras, data projectors, and document cameras. 

What we want to accomplish…

  • Students will experience a mobile, collaborative learning environment.
  • Students will gain the ability to learn and use new technologies as they develop.
  • Graduates will understand the role of technologies new and old in education.
  • Graduates will be at ease using and integrating technology in their lessons, classrooms, schools and lives.

The laptop program supports these goals and ensures that all our students have the hardware, software and technical support to foster their development as teachers.


• The model for 2013-14 is a Satellite U920T-01G Ultrabook Convertible (PSUL1C-01G005)

• Visit Toshiba Canada's website for a full description of this machine (

• At the end of the program students have the option of keeping the laptop (at no additional cost) or selling it back to Laurier for the current wholesale value.


• With the lease to own laptop program the University maintains ownership of the laptop until the end of the program.  This enables the use of both University and Ministry of Education licensed software on the laptop.
• Laptops are configured to work with Laurier’s infrastructure.
• Windows 8 is the operating system used on these laptops and the major productivity packages, like MS Office, are installed as are  other tools and education related programs.
• Our current agreement with Microsoft allows our students to leave the program with a current license for MS Office (media fee applies and contingent on Microsoft continuing the offer).


• Technical support is provided right in the Faculty of Education.
• Software and hardware problems can be resolved quickly with a fix or laptop loaner resulting in minimal interruption to your education.
• Accidental breakage protection is purchased with each laptop ensuring that a major “oops” doesn’t cost you dearly in lost time or money.
• Optional Lunch & Learn sessions are offered to help students learn new techniques, tools, software and just get more comfortable integrating the laptop into their lives.


• Your instructors know what computer resources you have and what can be done with them.  They will expect you to use them appropriately and creatively to do research and assignments and stay connected.

• Your instructors are working to incorporate technologies into their courses, so that you have a range of competencies related to specific subject areas as well as broader contexts.

• There will be times when you will need to access information during class using Laurier’s wireless network.  There may also be times when you are asked to close your laptop because it may not be the appropriate technology for that learning experience.

• Extra programs have been made available on the laptop for students to explore beyond what is needed for their courses.  Developing your desire to explore technology will help keep your knowledge current and expand your abilities.

Online Environments

•MyLearningSpace (Laurier's implementation of Desire2Learn) is used to support the program with built in course delivery and management tools.

•Students use portal to access student email, netstorage and all other Laurier online services.

We are continually reviewing our current online tools and evaluating new ones; therefore the list of online tools may change.