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April 18, 2014
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Tuition, Fees and Scholarships 2007-08

All fees stated are subject to Board of Governors' approval and may change without notice. FEES ARE CHARGED PER TERM unless otherwise indicated.

Additional fees and information can be found in the 2007-2008 calendar or by visiting  Please check your online fee summary frequently in LORIS at to ensure your account balance is paid on time and in good standing.

Note: If adding or dropping a course AFTER the due date results in additional fees, payment is due within 10 days regardless of an invoice being received.

Tuition Fees (per term)

 Canadian Students  $2,750.00 
 Visa Students  $8,500.00
 Laptop purchase fee (mandatory)  $690.00

Incidental Fees (per term)
Compulsory for all full-time students

 Comprehensive Student Services (see note viii)  $144.20
 Students' Administration Council Fee  $28.22
 Student Union Building Fee  $24.80
 Enhancement of Life Levy  $39.64
 Student Publication Fee  $6.44
 Laurier Student Public Interest Research Group (see note xiii)  $4.87
 Copyright Agreement Fee (see note xi)  $1.65
 Extended Health Plan - per year, charged in fall term only (see note i)  $104.41
 Dental Plan - per year, charged in fall term only (see note i)  $98.00
 Buss Pass - Waterloo Campus  $41.58
 Green Fee (Environmental Projects)  $0.50

See Applicable Notes for details and explanation of fees.

Laptop fee

Students will pay two installments of $690 with the option for the University to buy the laptop back at the end of the academic year. Although the buy back price cannot be determined until the completion of the program, we anticipate students wishing to sell their computers back to the University will recieve approximately $400.


Admission scholarships

Laurier will offer 15 admission scholarships valued at $500 for Faculty of Education students.


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