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October 25, 2014
Canadian Excellence



October 18 November 22, 2014

9 a.m. – 12 noon

Laurier’s accelerated unlimited challenge!

Ancient Architects to Future Engineers:
What innovations did the ancients make that allows some of their structures to remain standing? How did they protect against earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.? We will take the principles of what we will learn from ancient, enduring structures, and explore some present-day significant global structures. What would an archaeologist in the next millennium think about today's architectural wonders? How can we use this knowledge today to build in our changing global landscape?

Program Details

LAUNCH is an accelerated, problem-based camp. The camp is limited to the first 15 qualified campers who apply. Our campers:

- are working more than three grade levels above his/her grade (*documentation required)

- are self-directed learners

- have deep knowledge in several different topics

- are able to consider a problem situation from many diverse perspectives

Twice-exceptional learners are also welcome to apply.

* Documentation consists of a psychoeducational assessment, an IPRC recommendation for gifted services, or the completion of the Supplemental Application Survey.


If you believe your child would be a good fit for LAUNCH, submit the following documents to Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt at

1. A completed Application Form.

2. A copy of your child’s psychoeducational assessment, an IPRC recommendation for gifted services, or a completed Supplemental Application Survey.

If you have any questions regarding application and/or eligibility, please contact Dr. Willard-Holt at

The application deadline is October 1, 2014.


How do I know if LEAP or LAUNCH is better for my child?

LEAP is focused on enrichment, whereas LAUNCH is focused on acceleration. The pace in LAUNCH is much faster, the expectations for self-direction are much higher, and the concepts are more advanced.

How old my must child be to register for LAUNCH?

LAUNCH is for children in grades 4-8 as of September 2014, or born in 2001 - 2005.

Do students in LEAP or LAUNCH have to be getting good marks?

Not necessarily, if there is some other assessment that shows high ability. LAUNCH students may have a harder time in school because their ways of thinking are qualitatively different.

Why is there a lower limit on the size of a LAUNCH camp?

Each LAUNCH student may be thinking on a wavelength unique to him/her. This means the teacher must prepare multiple different lessons each week to allow students to have an individualized experience. More students would make the experience less fulfilling for everyone.

Is LAUNCH better than LEAP?

No, but the two are different. LAUNCH was designed for students who are looking for even more of a challenge to reach their full potential. Both programs are led by certified teachers and are carefully screened to be high quality learning experiences.

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