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April 16, 2014
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Jamaica: Literacy & Leadership camp

International Teaching Opportunities

The Power to Be International is a Canadian non-for-profit organization with a mission to educate and empower youth around the world.
In 2011 we will be implementing year two of our literacy and leadership camp program in Jamaica. We are looking for
great teachers and youth workers to volunteer with the organization.

Travel Dates:                  July 5 th to 24th, 2011
Location:                         Westmoreland, Jamaica
Deadline to apply:        November 15th 2010

Literacy Instruction
• Student teacher volunteers will be paired with experienced teacher volunteer
• Volunteers will be assigned a group of students based on level
• Volunteer teacher team will prepare for and provide literacy instruction

Leadership Workshops and Activities:
• Community service students will be paired with an experienced youth counsellor
• Volunteers will be assigned a group of students to work with during the program
• Volunteers will prepare and deliver a series of workshops as well as other activities

Example of workshop topics:
• Realistic and achievable goal setting
• Self esteem and empowerment
• Elements of effective leadership
• Community leadership/ working with resources
• Varying degrees of success – how to make your skills work for you
• Social action/social justice

Volunteer Selection:
• Students interested in volunteer positions should apply
• Selected candidates will be invited for an interview (Nov –Dec)
• Final selection will be made by members of the board of directors
• Successful candidates will be invited to participate in the initiative

Program cost: $1799 per volunteer
(Students can fundraise the cost of the program if necessary)

Student volunteers are provided with:
• Shared accommodation with one other student volunteer
• Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• Travel and medical insurance (through RBC)
• Transportation to and from the Montego Bay airport
• Social justice workshops and training

Interested students are encouraged to apply by sending in their resume for the initial
screening. Selected students will be sent a full application and additional information.
Please send resume via email to