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May 24, 2016

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February 2010: Practical makes Perfect!

Semester two has started off quite differently from semester one. For starters, I have one less class, which makes a big difference on the nightly workload. I amdone all of my assignments for math (EU 412) andphysical education(EU 423). I have also found that the assignments this semester are very practical and useful - a nice lead-in to our final practicum. While I'm still very busy, there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and I am really thinking about the final four interview questions on teaching strategies, classroom management, assessment, and interpersonal/communication skills. It is yet to be seen how I will fair in an interview.

I just attended the Career Day at Laurierthis past Friday and it was really helpful. Thank you Career Services! I learned a lot about the different school boards and about teaching abroad - hello Antigua! There were a couple of interesting tidbits that I pulled out of this session, including:

1. The Peel school board has their own application system separate from and you don't need to be in the Occasional Teacher pool first to applyfor contract jobs.

2.The Hamilton-Wentworth school board does not post any jobs

3.This is the last year that teachers applying to the Upper Grand board can applyfor contract jobs without being in the Occasional Teachers pool first.

4. And thefourth big reveal was the whole private school system. Being a child of the public board, I really didn't have any insight into that system before Career Day.

It is interesting how the whole job search process is affectingmyself and my peers.We are torn between helping each other out andcompeting for jobs. The competitive job market leaves us all elbowing our way to any advantage we might have over our peers, whom up until now, we have been sharing and helping out as much as possible.

I envy my friends vying for jobs in other regions and overseas.I wonder, could I convince my ball and chain to move to Antigua? It shouldn't be a tough sell in this weather!

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