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May 27, 2016

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August 2009: Typical student concerns

I wanted to start this by addressing some typical student concerns:

Where are the best places to eat? Iím a starving student and I pack a lunch every day. For a special treat, I went to McDonalds for snack wraps once, but the biggest problem is finding parking over the lunch hour. Leave yourself 10-15 minutes to find a new spot.

Is there a microwave? Yes, in the student lounge, just down the hall from your classes. This has been a savior for me, even if itís just heating up my extra large double-double during break.

Closest Tim Hortonís? In the building next door. Thatís right, no horseshoes required to do a Timís run in the winter. Itís a 2 minute walk away. Hallelujah!

Best things about the program? Every class is in the same building and on the same floor. Each section is only about 35 students so I learned everyoneís name after about 4 weeks (I sit at the front, so it took a while to learn the names of those who sat at the back or didnít put their hand up all the time).

Biggest adjustment? Time! The reality is that the workload is heavy. We have 20 hours of classes a week, and we spend 14 hours in our placement school a week, which equals 34 hours, not including lunches or dinners (before night class) or commuting time. To start, factor in a reading a chapter per class per week (7 classes x1h) and about three assignments a week (3 assignments x 2 hours). Averaged out, I think I spend 2-3 hours a day doing homework.


The next few blogs may be difficult to read. This program will not be easy. However, I am writing this warning after my first practicum, and if you can make it that far, you will not regret it!
3 people have commented
1 Hank - 2 Dec 2009

Well... this makes me wonder if I'll be able to work part time while I'm in school. I will need to find some way of paying my mortgage!

2 Tammy Gaudun - 14 Dec 2009

I also have a mortgage. Some people do have part time jobs in the program. If you don't have kids you will probably be able to manage to work some hours. I have a 1 year old - the part time thing doesn't work for me.

3 Rick - 16 Aug 2012

Hi My name is Rick and I am looking for books and past notes relating to a degree in law . I would also like to meet first year law students interested in starting a study /support group .
I already have 3 university degrees and tons of knowledge pretaining to University life . lets put our heads together .

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