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October 21, 2014
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Singh Obhi - abstract

Date: Friday, November 18, 2011
Time: 10:30am-Noon
Location: 2C3
Speaker: Dr. Sukhvinder Obhi
Topic: From Neuroscience of Social Behaviour to Awareness of Self: An Overview of Research in the Cognition in Action Lab@Laurier

I will use this seminar to introduce you to some of the research themes that we occupy ourselves with in the Cognition in Action Lab @ Laurier. My seminar will be a mélenge of research ideas, themes and results, but be warned……..most of what we do (at least for the moment) is not explicitly related to marketing!! I will describe research questions ranging from understanding free-will and conscious awareness of action, to investigating the sense of agency, to probing the neuroscience of social interaction and how individual differences manifest in the brain. I will also talk just a little bit about some of the applied work we have conducted with our industry partner. This applied research covers issues such as product design, brand perception and user experience. I welcome input about how our basic research could tie into themes relevant to marketers and am seeing the seminar as an opportunity to start a conversation about how our approaches and techniques could yield insights that marketers might value.