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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
July 5, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Testimonial: Kyle Gerow

I found the History Departmentís upper-year reading and writing seminars to be particularly enjoyable. The small group format provided for lively discussions, in which students could respectfully debate the meaning of historical events. Often, these discussions would continue beyond the classroom into Wilf's or some other venue on campus. These are some of my favourite memories from undergrad, and I'm not sure I would have been so engaged with the materials had I gone to a larger school.

I also found the history faculty to be highly accessible throughout my time at Laurier. Professors would often encourage students to meet with them if they had any questions or concerns related to the materials. It was not uncommon for professors to know their students by their first names. This degree of interaction added an important personal element to my university experience.

As a law student, the ability to quickly interpret and synthesize wide bodies of literature is critical. To this regard, I believe that my experience as a history student has proved especially useful. The high level of reading and writing that is expected of history students means that, by the end of four years, you will have developed a unique skill set for analyzing complex information. I continue to use these skills every day, and I have no doubt that they will contribute positively to my success in law. †

Kyle Gerow, Law Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law