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July 3, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Testimonial: Suzanne Glenn

My experiences with the history department went beyond just learning how to write a good paper or how to do well in a history course. The History Studentsí Association was a great way to get to know the professors and staff in the department as well as other history students who were genuinely interested in learning history, not just attending classes to try and get a passing grade. Through the History Studentsí Association, my interest in history grew, but it also made my education more than just an appendage to my life. It made my education part of my lifestyle and has inspired me to want to continue being a lifetime learner.

My history degree has proven very useful in my life after Laurier. I decided to pursue my Masters in Education, as opposed to my Masters in History because of career interests; however, my undergraduate experience with Laurierís history department I feel has given me an advantage in my masterís program. First, I would argue that my history degree provided me with excellent research and writing skills that are needed to succeed in my masters. Second, the critical thinking I developed from courses such as the Social History of Industrial and Modern Canada, has played a large part not only in my education but how I perceive the world in various contexts. I feel that my history degree has provided me with transferable skills that I can take with me and use in various facets of my life, whether it's my education, work, or my personal life.

Suzanne Glenn, Joseph-Armand Bombardier Masterís Scholarship Winner, M.A. Student in Education