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July 2, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Testimonial: Tyler Brackel

Spending five years studying history at Laurier was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Through the four years of my undergraduate degree and the one year of my masterís program I acquired many skills and also many great memories. One of the best experiences I had in the history program was taking fourth-year seminar courses. These courses allowed me to engage in critical thinking and group discussions in a small class. In these classes I was allowed the opportunity to share my opinions with other students and engage in meaningful discussions in a positive atmosphere. Throughout my time at Laurier, the small class sizes helped facilitate meaningful discourses on important topics in history, all the way from first-year tutorials to graduate seminars.

Outside of the classroom professors in the history department at Laurier always encouraged students to meet with them to discuss lectures, assignments and all things history. The friendly attitude and the great knowledge and quality of the history department faculty made them a great resource for me as a student. This was not only true in my time as a graduate student, when I had a personal advisor, but as an undergraduate I formed personal relationships with many of my instructors, helping me make the most of my time as a student.

Once you enter university you will quickly become aware that it is not only the professors that make a department run, it is also the administrative staff. At the Laurier history department the administrative team is second to none. They answer emails promptly, help with funding and bursary opportunities, and deal with a great many other issues. The administrative staff in the history department at Laurier are true professionals and a great help to all students.

Wilfrid Laurier University offers one of the best history programs in all of Canada, with high academic standards and a friendly faculty who are willing to engage with and help students. Its small class sizes allow for students to meaningfully discuss a wide range of topics with both their peers and professors. Students leave the history department at Laurier with highly developed abilities to think critically, read and comprehend large volumes of information, and write clearly, succinctly and directly. These skills are not only applicable in academia but are useful in understanding the world around us and are useful in many industries today.

Tyler Brakel, M.A. in History, 2012