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October 21, 2014
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Testimonial: Andre Furlong

The most enduring recollection of my studies in the History Department is the engaging faculty. I took 14 History courses and was never once disappointed by the caliber of the instructors. In my experience, each faculty member was not only passionate about his or her area of expertise but committed to effective and compassionate teaching. Initially, I took history classes merely out of interest as I pursued a degree in science. Ultimately I ended up taking History as a second major. I have no doubt that the dynamism and strength of the professors contributed to my decision.

I am now working in the Laurier Archives and Special Collections. My studies in the History department have afforded me much in terms of workplace preparation and skill development. Certainly the study of history enables you to appreciate the significance of source material and fosters a willingness to preserve and educate (which are fundamental traits for the archivist), but more importantly the rigors of studying in history enable you to vastly improve your communication, writing, time management and critical thinking skills. These abilities are universal and desired in the workplace but they are not emphasized in many academic curricula. The Laurier History program can be a challenge but it is undoubtedly an enjoyable one that has given me a knowledge base and skill set which I have used to find a rewarding career path.

Andre Furlong, Archives and Special Collections, Wilfrid Laurier University Library