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July 2, 2015

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Closed Courses, Waiting Lists, & Taking Courses without Prerequisites

Closed Courses/Waiting Lists

Courses will fill - quickly.† When you encounter this, all you can do is wait for someone else to drop it if you want to sign in, and you do that by checking LORIS regularly, right up until the end of the first two weeks of classes if thatís how long it takes. We do not maintain waiting lists in History.

None of the courses required for your degree have to be completed in any given year. As long as you have successfully completed those courses by graduation, that's all that matters.† If you arenít able to enrol in a certain course this year, then you likely will next year.† The higher your year level, the earlier your window of opportunity for course registration.

Taking Courses without the Prerequisites

LORIS will not allow you enrol in a course for which you have not not completed the stated prerequisite. Students who wish to request permission take a course without having completed the required prerequisite(s) will need to e-mail the Undergraduate Officer.† Please note, too, that merely having an interest in the subject matter will not be considered the basis for such permission to be granted.