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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
October 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Successful Candidates

We would like to thank you for your interest in teaching in the Department of Sociology for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015. Please see below for the list of successful candidates for contract positions.

SY101A  Jennifer Beales
SY101C  Marcela Cristi
SY101D  Kimberly Ellis-Hale
SY101E  Marcela Cristi
SY101H  Kimberly Ellis-Hale
SY101OC1  Jeffery Klaehn

SY102B  Kimberly Ellis-Hale
SY102D  Jeffery Klaehn
SY201A  Elaine Clark-Rapley
SY203OC  Darryl Burgwin
SY210OC1  Robin Ostow
SY210D  Theresa Romkey
SY216  Kimberly Ellis-Hale
SY218  Michael Manley
SY224  Michael Manley
SY224OC2  Zabedia Nazim
SY231  Michael Manley
SY232  Michael Manley
SY241  Michael Manley
SY242  Jeffery Klaehn
SY242OC2  Michael Manley
SY280OC2  Anthony Lombardo
SY281A  Holly Baines
SY281B  Holly Baines
SY281C  Marcela Cristi
SY303  Robin Ostow
SY305  Clarice Kuhling
SY307  Robin Ostow
SY321  Jennifer Beales
SY321OC2  Jennifer Beales
SY322OC2  Jennifer Beales
SY332  Zabedia Nazim
SY382A  Kimberly Ellis-Hale
SY389B  Elaine Clark-Rapley
SY389C  Elaine Clark-Rapley
SY405  Clarice Kuhling
SY406  Stephen Svenson
SY408  Holly Baines
SY409  Robin Ostow
SY414  Clarice Kuhling
SY416  Holly Baines
SY421  Raluca Parvu