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April 19, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Senior Social Sciences Teachable

Contemporary Studies provides a broad education focusing on significant contemporary issues, making students aware of their global scope and encouraging them to use the collected insights of various academic disciplines.  While Contemporary Studies itself is not a teachable subject, many of the courses under this discipline can count towards a senior teachable called “Social Sciences”.  Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate students who are interested in upgrading to the Social Sciences senior teachable, must have 5.0 credits in this teachable subject area in addition to their 3.0 credits in their junior/intermediate teachable.  Students must first become qualified to teach their J/I teachable (English, History, Religion, Geography or Math).  To become qualified in the Senior division, students must complete the Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ) course titled, “Education in the Senior Division”, after graduation.

After completing the Social Sciences Senior teachable, any other Senior upgrades will require 3.0 credits in a teachable subject and completion of the ABQ course, “Education in the Senior Division”.  For example, after a student has their Senior Social Sciences teachable, they can upgrade their 3.0 credit J/I teachable (English, History, Religion, Geography, French or Math) to a Senior teachable as well.

The document located in the Related Information section below includes those Laurier Brantford courses which are counted towards the Senior Social Sciences teachable.  This list is only applicable to students in the Laurier-Nipissing Concurrent Education program.  If you are interested in attending a Consecutive Education program please consult the institution directly for more information.

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2011 Social Sciences as a Teachable Document