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February 10, 2016

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Create your plan


Planned gifts requires careful thought and discussion with your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor. If you are making a gift to Laurier, please let us know! Our staff is ready to work with you and your advisor in confidence and without obligation to help you explore the best possible method of giving for your circumstance.

To start creating your plan, please consider the following gift options:

Gifts of Assets
The simplest way to support Laurier is through cash gifts. But creative gifts of assets can include securities, real estate and personal property such as artwork. These not only can provide you with charitable deductions, but often offer additional tax savings. To access a Gift of Securities Form, please click here.

Gifts by Will
Through various types of bequests, you may secure a charitable estate-tax deduction for the value of your gift. Best of all, you'll know that your generosity will support Laurier for years to come. Please click here to find out more about giving to Laurier through your will.

Gifts That Pay You Income

Do you want to support Laurier, but worry about having enough income for yourself and your loved ones? Life-income gifts, such as gift annuities, can provide you with an income stream, significant tax savings, and the satisfaction of supplying the university with vital long-term resources.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Want to make a substantial gift to the university through tax-deductible, modest premium payments? Want to ensure that your regular assets are retained for your family? A gift of life insurance allows you to become an immediate benefactor of the university, receiving appropriate recognition, while extending your support beyond your lifetime to the area of your choice.

For more information please contact:

Cec Joyal 86

Development Officer
Individual and Planned Giving
(519) 884-0710 Ext 3864