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April 19, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Professional Associations and Resources

Please find below a listing of various journalism resources and associations. 

Canadian Association of Journalists

The Corporation exists to promote excellence in journalism. The Corporation is the national voice of Canadian journalists and upholds the public’s right to know. The Corporation encourages and promotes investigative journalism.

Canadian Media Guild

The Canadian Media Guild is a democratic trade union, duly recognized and certified under federal and provincial labour legislation. We currently have nearly six thousand members, all of whom work in the Canadian media. We have collective agreements with the following employers: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada (CBC/SRC),  The Canadian Press,  Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), TVOntario (TVO), the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (aptn), VisionTV,  CW Television (formerly Alliance Atlantis Communications) and CJRC Radio Gatineau (Québec). We also have several hundred members who work at CBC on a freelance basis.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada

Canadian Newspaper Association

The Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) and the Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA) are two separate organizations that partnered to create one strong industry voice for newspapers in Canada. Combined, the two associations represent over 830 daily, weekly, and community newspapers in every province and territory in Canada. The CNA and the CCNA are now co-managed by one CEO but remain governed by two separate Boards of Directors in order to preserve the uniqueness of the programs and services offered to each member. By combining resources and collaborating on a variety of different projects the integrated association provides more relevant services to all newspaper members, while also increasing the profile and effectiveness of the newspaper industry in Canada.

Magazines Canada

Magazines Canada's advertising services division is dedicated to helping agencies and their clients achieve their communications and sales objectives through the strategic and tactical use of Canadian magazines.

Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild

 We are the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 87-M, known as the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild (SONG).

Our members work at some of Canada's most popular and prestigious newspapers, magazines, television and publishing houses such as the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Sing Tao, Maclean's magazine,  The London Free Press, ATV and many more.  For a full list click here.

We are the  reporters, editors, photographers, videographers, graphic artists, computer technicians, printing, pre-press, advertising, circulation, finance staff who bring you the news about your community, your province and Canada.

Journalists for Human Rights

jhr's (Journalists for Human Rights) goal is to make everyone in the world fully aware of their rights. Creating rights awareness is the first and most necessary step to ending rights abuses.

By mobilizing the media to spread human rights awareness, jhr informs people about human rights, empowering marginalized communities to stand up, speak out and protect themselves. - The Canadian Journalism Project

The Canadian Journalism Project (CJP) and its websites, (English) and (French), are projects of The Canadian Journalism Foundation in collaboration with leading journalism schools and organizations across Canada.

Our goal is to enable a national conversation about the achievement of, and challenges to, excellence in Canadian journalism and provide a convenient and trustworthy source of information and commentary. Launched in the spring of 2007, the site provides a source for news, research, commentary, advice, discussion and resources. It also includes links to other organizations that recognize and support excellence in journalism.

The Poynter Institute

Poynter is a school that exists to ensure that Americans have access to excellent journalism—the kind of journalism that enables us to participate fully and effectively in our democracy.