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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
February 28, 2015

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CSA - Child Sponsorship

The Laurier Criminology - Hope Project!

World Vision Sponsor Child

The Criminology Student Association is a HopeChild sponsor through World Vision.

Our sponsored child is 11 years old Jorvino Adolfo. Jorvino resides with his parents in a poor area. His parents are both unemployed and find it difficult to care for the family. He is in satisfactory health, a Grade 3 student and enjoys Mathematics and does sweeping as a chore. He is quite athletic and his favorite sport is soccer. Every Sunday morning he goes to church, and enjoys taking part in singing groups. His favorite food is porridge (maize meal) and vegetables and his favorite fruit is tangerine. Jorvino loves to draw us pictures, his favorite colour to draw with is Dark blue. He lives in a house made of stick and mud covered with grass in a community which is 270 km from Maputo, the capital town of Mozambique. He would like to be a teacher in the future and he would also like to know how is the climate of Canada?

Jorvino is very grateful for the sponsorship offered to him through World Vision and would enjoy receiving cards or letters from Criminology students at Laurier Brantford. Open your world to your sponsored child by telling him about your family, activities, and where you live. When writing to your sponsored child, use the World Vision national office address below. All correspondence must include:

  • World Vision's national office address (exactly as it appears)
    • World Vision Mozambique
    • AV. Agostinho Neto 620
    • P.O. Box 1869
    • Maputo
  • Your sponsored child's name and child ID: MOZ 182729-0365
  • Please do not write your address inside the letter.

However, when writing, please use plain language and be brief. Responses can take time, so please be patient. If you choose to send simple gifts, please send only flat items such as photos, bookmarks, stamps or stickers in an envelope no bigger than 6"x9". (Please, no parcels or cash).

Jorvino will be celebrating his 11th birthday on February 14, 2014.

If you would like to see anything Jorvino has sent for us, please visit Marg Harris at her office in GRH 121.