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August 30, 2015
Canadian Excellence

2013-2014 Process for Applying for Scholarships and Awards

The Student Awards Office has implemented a completely new process for students who wish to be considered for scholarship and award opportunities through our office.

In past years, students were asked to search the Student Awards Database to determine which award opportunities best suited their program and interests of study.  Each application would need to be submitted manually to the Awards Office which created a long and tedious process. 

The Student Awards Office has developed the “All Student General" and "Faculty Specific" Profiles that will greatly reduce the amount of work associated with scholarship/award applications.  With this new process, students are asked to submit their "All Student General Profile" and applicable "Faculty Specific Profile" as well as their financial statement (if applicable, this form is included in the All Student General Profile).  Once these profiles are submitted, the Student Awards Office will automatically consider the student for all scholarship/award opportunities that fit the program and year of study as well as their particular interests and volunteer experiences.  While the submission the financial statement (included in the student profile) is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as many of the opportunities have a “financial need” component.

Click here for more information.

To visit the Student Awards Search Engine, and to view opportunities which are available to students at Wilfrid Laurier University may be viewed by clicking here.

2013/2013: Profiles will be available online on LORIS in early September 2013. E-mail notification will be sent as soon as these are available.