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June 28, 2016

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Two graduates from Convocation 2009

Laurier Criminology Alumni

Criminology Alumni

Are you a graduate of the Criminology program at Laurier Brantford? Are you currently working in the Criminology field? Pursuing a graduate degree in Criminology or a related discipline?

If so, we would like to hear from you. We are in the midst ofadding an Alumni Profile Page to this site. If you are interested in being profiled, please contact Margaret Harris, Academic Program Assistant to the Criminology/Law & Society program at

We look forward to hearing from you!


Name: Georgia

Program: Honours Criminology, 2008

Current Occupation: Probation/Parole Services

What Georgia Has To Say About Laurier Criminology:

"I started university not having a career path. As my first, second and third year passed, I still did not know what career paths I wanted to explore. It was not until I applied for the Criminology Practicum that I realized my future was in community corrections. I completed the practicum with Probation/Parole Services and began volunteering with them. Following graduation, I obtained employment working as a Probation/Parole Officer. If it had not been for the Criminology Practicum, I would not be where I am today".

Name: Katie

Program: Honours Criminology, 2008

Current Field Of Study: Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario

What Katie Has To Say about Laurier Criminology:

"The best thing about Laurier Criminology is the sense of community. The Criminology professors are very willing to work with students on their individual needs and interests. I found a professor willing to complete an indepedent study with me on feminist criminology and, from that project, I learned so many things about myself and future career interests that I would not have without their help".

Name: Jill

Program: Honours Criminology, 2007

Current Field of Study: Master of Arts Candidate (Criminology), University of Ottawa

What Jill Has To Say About Laurier Criminology:

"There are many aspects of Laurier Criminology that contributed to where I am today.Through small class sizes and the close-knit communityat Laurier Brantford, I had the opportunity to form close relationships with my professors and academic advisors. In terms of my personal research interest, I was influenced by a classentitled Mean Justice, which offered an indepth explorationinto the causes of miscarriages of justice.Being exposedto such subjectsin my undergraduate careerencouragedthe development of a passionthat continues toguide myresearch in the field of wrongful convictions at thegraduate level".

Name: Rory

Program: Honours Criminology, 2007

Current Field of Study: Ph.D Candidate (Sociology/Criminology), University of Guelph

What Rory Has To Say About Laurier Criminology:

"I believe that what makes Laurier Criminology unique is a combination of small class sizes, knowledgeable faculty, and diverse course offerings which allowed me to gain a strong understanding of the study of Criminology as a whole. Inspired by the classes Advanced Criminological Theory and Deviance and Diversity, my upcoming doctoral research will examine the connection between municipal Bylaw enforcement and urban governance. In addition to laying the framework for my ongoing research, the student-focused teaching philosophy of the Laurier Criminology faculty has been greatly inspirational in my own teaching endeavours".