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April 17, 2014
Canadian Excellence

The Challenge of Marketing for Human Service and Nonprofit Organizations

The Challenge of Marketing for Human Service and Nonprofit Organizations


In todayís complex environment it is difficult for human service organizations to be noticed and understood. Human service organizations are challenged to demonstrate the value of their work to their funders, policymakers and the people the organization serves. Increasingly, human service organizations are adopting branding and marketing strategies as a means of raising their profile and securing resources. As a result, understanding how to develop a distinctive brand and execute a marketing strategy has become an essential skill for effective managers.

The two-day workshop will address four important questions:
1.    Is marketing relevant for human service organizations?
2.    How do you develop a distinctive brand and effective messaging?
3.     What are appropriate branding and marketing strategies for human service organizations?
4.    What are the steps in creating a marketing plan for your organization?

Participants will learn how to improve their organizationís brand and develop a marketing strategy that will improve their organizationís effectiveness.


"The concept that branding is not just a matter of fonts and logos but rather a message that is conveyed through all behaviours and communications of the spokespeople of an organization."

"Developing the marketing plan and audit."

"I enjoyed your style. Encouragement of being progressive and still understanding the heart of your work. Important to keep stressing the need to be more business in organizational approach. Thank you!"

"It was a very good balance of discussion, lecture and video."